Join our brand rep team

Lala boutique is looking for past, present and new reps in the uk and worldwide to join the new Lala boutique team.

The new brand rep term will be ongoing until it is ended by either Lala boutique or the brand reps parent/guardian with 4 weeks notice.

The new Lala boutique reps will have their images used on  FacebookInstagram, in adverts run on Facebook and Instagram as well as have their images on the websites pages plus on the items they have modelled. 

Lala boutiques new brand rep team will be required to take very clear images on clear backgrounds such as a wall, sea , grass etc.

Videos will also be required to be taken by the parent/guardian and be posted to the Facebook and Instagram walls, these will not be shared on the website or in any ads but should show a 360 degree angle of the items. 

Brand reps are to spread the word about Lala boutique, be our ambassadors and promote us anytime they can via social media and word of mouth. This includes sharing our page and items as often as you can. 

In return for your promotion of us you will be able to purchase from our brand rep collection which will be regularly updated at a discounted price. This will also include new items unavailable to other customers until they have been reviewed by the brand rep team. 

You will also receive a unique discount code for your friends and family to use on our website.

Any items purchased from us must be reviewed by you on the website under the item you have purchased. 

If you would like to enter your daughter , please send us a message via Facebook with 2 images of your child, headshot and full shot on a clear background, their name and age.

Please only enter if you are able to commit to purchasing 1 item per month from the website. ** items are both in stock and pre order so be aware some items may take 2-4 weeks to reach you (3-5 weeks if you are outside the uk)** 

If you order more than once in a month you may skip months should you need to. For example purchase 2 orders in one month will be the equivalent of 2 months purchases. 

Applications for the new team will be on going and the new Lala boutique brand rep team is to start from 1st September.



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